Carlos Crespo, born 1973 from Spanish descent, is a freelance and internationally active art photographer. His artistic work is driven by a deep passion for photography and music alike. For Carlos Crespo “composition” is of equal visual and acoustic importance: and so each of his works emanates its very own melody which fascinates and inspires the observer, invites to linger and is thought-provoking.

Against this background, it is not surprising that Crespo’s life resembles a collage of sounds, colours and shapes.  So he started training as a photographer in Zurich with the intention to later enter into film. Simultaniously he studied classical composition with piano as his main instrument.  Although he completed his photography studies as class best, he was at first drawn to music and for the next two years autodidactically studied harmony according to the school of Arnold Schönberg and orchestration after Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov.

Completely torn between music and the visual arts, for the interim he decided to follow the path of music. Carlos Crespo returned to his home country Spain for four years and composed several orchestral works. This stage of his life influenced him greatly, not least his visual art. Back in Switzerland and on the search for new challenges he took up photography again as well as music management.

In his photographic works Carlos Crespo tirelessly pursues to capture an authentic reflection of the moment. In particular, his landscape photographs are evidence of this intention and the talent of the artist to retain more than what is visible to the naked eye. He succeeds in exposing the often only unconsiously perceived power or even soul of nature.

Carlos Crespo has long since broken out of the academic dogma of photography and for his creative working process follows only his quest for inner and outer harmony. His works are resonant bodies that, as he says himself, dissolve the boundaries between cognitive and subconscious perception.  It is thus not surprising that Crespo masters all the techniques of photograpy and developed own procedures over the years to lend his work it’s unique expressivity.

His work is the result of a meticulously perfected craftsmanship, which is always applied individually and serves solely as a tool of his creative intentions, making his works achieve a timeless contextual and technical durability.

Pius Müller, Curator